KUNSTMUSEUM BERN, 23.10.2013 – 15.12.2013


The exhibition showed 51 prints and a piece of sculpture produced in conjunction with the 2010 project Estampas, Independencia y Revolución (Prints, Independence, and Revolution) organized by the Museo Nacional de la Estampa of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. It brought together the work of famous Mexican and international artists—among them Leonora Carrington, Helen Escobedo, Adolfo Mexiac Calderón, Mimmo Paladino, and Roberto Turnbull.

The starting point of the project was the celebrations for Mexico’s Independence bicentenary and Mexican Revolution centenary. The participating artists, who were selected and invited by an academic committee, addressed the subject of freedom in their works. The results were provocative, sometimes socio-political, sometimes surrealistic or abstract answers to the question of the cultural identity of the Mexican people. The sheets were printed in numerous fine-art printmaking studios across the republic in editions limited to 100. Half of the prints were distributed among Mexican institutions and the remaining donated as gifts to leading public collections all over the world.

The exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bern displayed the woodcuts, lithographs, and etchings together with the only piece of sculpture by the grande dame of surrealism Leonora Carrington, who died only shortly after completing it. The presentation was subdivided thematically into the four areas of history, figuration, surrealism, and abstraction, which set the framework for the visitors to explore Mexico’s history and its contemporary art.

With works by: Fernando Aceves Humana (b. 1969); Franco Aceves Humana (b. 1965); Per Anderson (b. 1946); Mario Benedetti (b. 1938); Pilar Bordes (b. 1948); Marisa Boullosa (b. 1961); Pierre Buraglio (b. 1939); Leonora Carrington (1917-2011); José Antonio Castillo (b. 1958); Francisco Castro Leñero (b. 1954) ; José Castro Leñero (b. 1953); Patricia Córdoba (b. 1973); René Derouin (b. 1936); Helen Escobedo (1934-2010); Manuel Felguérez (b. 1928); Javier Fernández (b. 1951); Demián Flores (b. 1971); Arturo García Bustos (b. 1926); Emiliano Gironella (b. 1972); Roger Von Gunten (b. 1933); Raúl Herrera (b. 1941); Cisco Jiménez (b. 1969); Joy Laville (b. 1923); José Lazcarro Toquero (b. 1941); Nicola López (b. 1957); Luis López Loza (b. 1939); Gabriel Macotela (b. 1954); Javier Marín (b. 1962); Rubén Maya (b. 1964) ; Mónica Mayer (b. 1954); Adolfo Mexiac Caldéron (b. 1927); Flor Minor (b. 1961); Terumi Moriyama (b. 1969); Guillermo Olguín (b. 1969); Irma Palacios (b. 1943); Mimmo Paladino (b. 1948); Alejandro Pérez Cruz (b. 1966); Enrique Pérez Martínez (b. 1975); Joel Rendón (b. 1967); Luis Ricaurte (b. 1964); Betsabé Romero (b. 1963); Rafael Ruiz Moreno (b. 1969); Alejandro Santiago (b. 1964); Ana Santos (b. 1978); Mónica Saucedo (b. 1966); Raymundo Sesma (b. 1954); José Martín Sulaiman (b. 1958); Eloy Tarcisio (b. 1955); Roberto Turnbull (b. 1959); Andrés Vázquez Gloria (b. 1971); Saúl Villa (b. 1958); Boris Viskin (b. 1960) 

Curator: Valentina Locatelli

Exhibition poster by Kunstmuseum Bern.René Derouin, La muerte y la vida, 2010, linocut. © René Derouin / Museo Nacional de la Estampa México / Kunstmuseum Bern